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Type RWG ... V4A 14571, PPH, PVC, PVDF
Gear blender as standard and special models

Fields of application:
Sewage technology, electroplating, water treatment, chemical industry, paint and coating industry, environmental engineering and many more.

Circulation, admix, dispersion, suspension,  homogenising, dissolving, emulsifying, heat exchange and neutralising.

Spur gear, flat, bevel gear and worm gear. All gear types are also available with adjustment mechanisms. Gear product SEW/KEB. (Other gears and paintworks are also possible.) The motors are deliverable as standard in 220-240/380-420 V, 460 V, 500 V, 660 V, 50/60 Hz, protection class IP 55, insulation class F, explosion protection Eexell T3 to Eexell CT5 according to Atex.

Materials of the RW shaft:
V4A - 1.4571 PPH, PVC, PVDF = shaft steel C 35 K  coated. Ø of the RW shaft is depending on the gear size.

Glued and pinned,  sleeve coupling, hollow shaft with feather key and disk clutch, all clutch types also available for plastic agitators.

Accessories for gear blenders on request!

3 blade P5 propeller PPH

Ring propeller P9 V4A

Special propeller PPH

Special propeller P 11 V4A  

Here are some impressions: