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AAH A. Hofheinz GmbH was founded by Mr. Arnold Hofheinz in May 2000. The company manufactures centrifugal and submersible pumps, high-speed rotors and gear blenders as well as containers and lifting systems for the chemical, process engineering and electroplating industry.

Arnold Hofheinz, the company owner, looks back at more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing pumps and agitators, especially regarding the chemical and electroplating industry as well as with aggressive media.  His area of expertise is the production of small custom batches. Not least due to this expert knowledge, the company is able to offer tailor-made solutions according to the requirements of the customer.

The company employs staff that is able to successfully handle complex national and international orders in a customer-oriented way. With many years of experience, the employees command a high degree of competence. So they are always able to handle projects that need to be realised at short notice.

The standard of quality is also mirrored in the certification results of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14 001:2009 which are extensively realised beyond economic and ecological needs since 2012. The respective certificates are available in the download section.

The distribution of the products takes place via qualified freelancers, engineering offices, plant manufacturers, various vendors as well as over direct sales.

With varying dimensions of the motors which are manufactured using various materials and in different sizes, the pumps are adjusted to the customer's ideas and facilities.

The customer provides the specifications and AAH manufactures the matching pumps.

The various construction and sealing materials ensure smooth operation, even when working with aggressive liquids and chemicals.
The decades of experience AAH gathered in this branch guarantee this.

Every pump is tested on the captive test facilities to ensure continuous operation free of errors.